Parihara Poojas

Doing all traditional Parihara Poojas


Vasthu Parihara Pooja

As per Vastu Shastra experts, Vastu Puja and Vastu Shanti are performed before one enters the new house. As per popular belief, a house owner should invoke the blessings of gods that invite good fortune and prosperity into the house. It involves worshipping the five elements of nature, natural forces and the deity of directions. Vastu Puja helps to remove doshas and faults that remained during the construction of a building or house.

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Yantra Pariharas

Yantras are usually associated with a particular deity and are used for specific benefits, such as for meditation; protection from harmful influences; development of particular powers; attraction of wealth or success. Navagraha Yantra, Kalsurpa Yantra, Nakshatra Yantra, Vastu Yantra, Bhumi Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Roga Nivaran Yantra, Santana Gopala Yantra are some popular yantras.

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